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SKAL Certified Rice Protein

SKAL Certified Rice Protein
is good news for those global citizens who make it a point to keep a watch on their daily calorie count as well as maintain a strict diet regime with chemical-free intake. Following the saying “you are what you eat,” it can be stated that to maintain good health mentally and physically, one must have a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals regularly. Things become better if the necessary elements for health development are extracted through an organic method, bereft of any synthetic agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. And SKAL Certified Rice Protein is the best example of such ingredients for a hale and hearty lifestyle.

To perceive the benefits of SKAL Certified Rice Protein better and in a simpler manner, one can start from the advantages of rice protein itself. In the world of proteins, rice protein is one of the few that are truly hypoallergenic. It is extracted through a natural process from non-genetically modified polished rice, which results in an element that possesses a minimum 70% protein content. This is reflected in SKAL Certified Rice Protein too. Moreover, rice protein is a rich source of a number of essential elements like iron, phosphorus potassium, niacin and thiamin and is perhaps the only hypoallergenic organic protein, which is void of fat, sodium and cholesterol. Consumers can be rest assured of all these nutritional elements remaining intact when they go for SKAL Certified Rice Protein.

The special significance of SKAL Certified Rice Protein among other similar products in the market is attached with the highly revered reputation of the SKAL organisation and its certifications. SKAL is a Netherlands-based non-profit foundation that surveys the organic production methods through stringent standards and issues globally accepted certifications accordingly. Established in 1985, the surveys and inspections of SKAL consist of visits to farms, processing and importing units, examination of soil, crop or tissue samples and administrative assessments. The same method is applied when it comes to SKAL Certified Rice Protein. On the basis of this, buyers and users of SKAL Certified Rice Protein can be assured of the quality of the rice protein and be satisfied with the fact that you what purchase are truly organic

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